Most famous sports that are played Worldwide!

Sports play an important role in everyone’s life as the players that play on the National level are always a motivation for other people. Sports include different kinds of physical activities that are much beneficial for health, and also the players learn many great skills from Sports. There are hundreds of sports that exist in between the single participants and the team members. The different kinds of sports that range from tribal games to mainstream games, and there are plentiful opportunities for the players to get the name and fame around the globe.

Sports are not only of a specific country, but the sports are found across the country’s different regions. There are many tournaments and leagues held for regular sports that include competitive games and the mind sports. There are specific rules set for every sport, and there is a fair competition between the contestants, and the winners are determined by the performance and the scores.

There are a great number of sports that are appreciated around the world and are played on an International level. Let us know about some of those sports that have gained popularity worldwide which are as follows:-


Cricket is one of the National Sport that represents real national passion. Every country has its own cricket team administrated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Cricket is watched by the whole nation, and there are many different tournaments and championships held.


Football is a spectator sport that is played globally. There are a great number of people that play the sport across the world, and there are many leagues held for football.


Badminton is one of the world’s top 10 most participated sports. Also, badminton is the most popular indoor sport that is played by millions of people, and the players from around the world participate in the tournaments of Badminton.


Volleyball is a sport that can be played in both Indoor and Outdoor versions and is played around all over the world. This Sport has been originated from America and is played around the globe, and there are many affiliated National Federations that are registered.


Tennis is the most popular individual sport, and there is a great number of people that play tennis around the world. This sport is ranked in the ten most participated sports list, and people loved to play the double version of this sport.


Golf is a great sport that people of any age group can play, and this is considered as one of the most popular pastime sport that people love to play. People around the world participate in Golf and is the best pastime for most of the people.

There are a great number of sports that are played worldwide, and those sports also participate in the National and International Tournaments and leagues. Also, there are many amazing benefits of playing sports, and children must be encouraged to play sports to enhance their skills and knowledge.